From Iron Chickens to Iceberg Amplifiers

Iron Chicken

My name is Dusan Mihajlovic (aka Dr. Spira). I built my first amplifier when I was 15 in the heyday of valve technology. I became a successful composer, songwriter, musician and producer.

In the late Seventies and early Eighties I shared a commercial recording studio in Belgrade. Like everyone else we had a problem when recording electric guitars – you know – to get the good sound you need it full on, and then people two blocks away complain… So I designed and built a small valve guitar amplifier with all the bells and whistles I had on the big ones. It ended up being yellow and I called it Iron Chicken. Anybody who recorded guitars in our studio wanted one so I ended up selling about eighty of them. I hear some of them are still in use.


Steel Chicken

In 1988 I relocated to London, United Kingdom, and developed a secondary career in computing, whilst continuing to write, occasionally performing, and designing and building a couple of studios in the UK and Germany.

In 2000, when I was building a new studio for myself, I realised that still there was nothing on the market that had the flexibility and the sound of the Iron Chicken. So I started thinking about an updated design and here is what I came up with – the Steel Chicken.

Using state of the art, top of the range components I started working on the new designs, putting in all the features I wanted to have. Nice clean sound, efficient tone controls, high gain, foot switching, line out, power amplifier with configurable dynamics… it is all there. And I think it looks cute.

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