Front panel controls

-    Clean channel

o    Gain
o    Bright/Neutral/Smooth switch
o    Treble
o    Shift switch – moving the treble control centre frequency
o    Mid
o    Bass

-    Lead channel

o    Lead Drive
o    Bright/Neutral/Smooth switch
o    Lead Tone
o    Shift
o    Lead Volume

-    Channel Switch


Back panel controls

-    Power level
-    Mode

o    Pentode – Ultra linear – Triode
o    Auto – Fixed bias

-    Line Out Level
-    Line Out balanced XLR socket
-    FX Out
-    FX Return
-    Speaker On/Off
-    Speaker out socket
-    Foot switch socket

Foot switch

-    Clean / Lead channel switch
-    Mode switch (individual channels or mix)
-    Effects on/off for clean channel
-    Effects on/off for lead channel


-    Preamp 3 x ECC83
-    Power amp 1 x EL84


-    Jensen 5”


Output power: from 0.2W to 6W

Power consumption: 35W

Dimensions: 210 mm (W) x 190 mm (H) x 170 mm (D)

Weight: 6.6 kg (15.2 Lbs)

Custom designed transformers

Hand wired with point-to-point wiring throughout audio path

Military grade potentiometers and switches

Switchcraft gold plated connectors

Gold plated ceramic valve sockets

Custom made stainless steel chassis

Automatic mains voltage selection 100V – 245V

Five year back-to-base warranty (one year warranty for valves)